Global Festival Game

Summer music festival fun!

1 - 2 ore
Indoor e Outdoor
Competitivo / Collaborativo
12 - Illimitato

A Proposito

Teams represent a group of friends going to a summer music festival. The game app guides teams towards GPS located ‘stages’ positioned around their grounds of their meeting venue The Global Festival ground has 7 different music stages each themed to a different music genre. On arrival at each location the app triggers a variety of challenges, they solve riddles, create photos and videos of ‘festival moments and also research facts on the supporting festival website. The team with the most points at the end, wins.

Risultati di Apprendimento

Global Festival Game sparks memories and conversation in teams developing bonds. The game stages encourage participants to review and improve their problem-solving skills and processes. By learning to gather and communicate the information effectively, they see a return on their improvement as they gain points for their team and knowledge of the music industry. Limited time and resources put team dynamics to the test, challenging them to be creative and look for opportunity. Each zone allows the allocation of tasks to specific team members, so they can play to their strengths for the overall benefit of the team.

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